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Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to not burnout of an RPG

I often find myself getting tired of an rpg after a few dozen hours just begging for it to be over. Why do I tire so quickly? It's not a fault of the game itself, the real culprit is excessive grinding and side-questing.

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Having put in 100+ hours and still on chapter 17 of 20 and getting tired. I released something was wrong. I noticed spent the majority of the times running about doing  procedurally generated side quests and trying to "Scan (and digivolve) 'em All!". I was barely pushing the main plot forward, guess the natural procrastinator in me was showing itself.

I said to myself enough is enough and I picked a battle team and I'm going full speed ahead to just finish the game!

Key points:

  • Only grind as much as you need to beat the next boss.
  • Leave maxing stats, unlocking every special skill, weapon etc to endgame, new game plus and post game.
  • Avoid unimportant fetch quests unless you're dying for that small cash reward.
  • That extra costume, event,  gimmick weapon/skill/guest character aren't always worth time.
  • Balance side questing with story progression.

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