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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Game Review: PERSONA 4 GOLDEN.(Vita)

TLDR: This game is truly golden.

This enhanced port of a 2008 ps2 rpg for the ps vita, brought new life to the game in 2012, fans of the ps2 version have plenty reason to play golden. Providing graphical improvements, additional content, playable personas, social links, a ton of fan-service goodies in: unlockable concept art, videoclips,soundtracks, music videos, backstories and catchy new opening theme song.

Story: A teenage boy moving to a small country town  to live with his cousin and uncle while his parents are on a long business trip discovers early on that there's something more to the humble town of Inaba and destiny gives him the responsibility of balancing adjusting to the new town, school/social life, romance, part-time jobs,fun and saving the town from an unknown killer with a bunch of teenagers all within one year.

UI: Sleek, colorful and user friendly. I never fumbled with the menus wondering where to find something or view social link progress. The crafting system make acquiring new gear intuitive, the persona fusion system has improved ten fold from persona 3. The dialogue  features a  log system to reread things you may have overlooked or skipped accidentally and a speed up and skip scene function for replays.

Graphics: The game  presented in a stylish anime fashion, with stunning portraits, quirky characters models and well designed, unique environments despite being not very technically advanced. A perfect example of less is more. Anime cut-scenes handle the most dramatic events.

Gameplay: While not fighting shadows. the game takes the form of a visual novel and /Social/dating Simulator. Spending time with people strengthens your persona(Physical manifestation of your personality) fusing ability and socializing with playable characters unlocks new abilities for them in battle. In the other world The games plays like a third person dungeon crawler , that transitions to a traditional turn based battle system upon clashing with the on screen enemies using your personas to do most of the fighting. The game puts its own twist on the turn based system with weaknesses. When weaknesses are exploited (enemies and alllies alike) they are toppled and the attacker gets a free turn once per unit, toppling all enemies allows the team to perform and all out attack for bonus damage.

Do I Recommend It?: HELL YEAH! Persona 4 Golden proves to be the best Vita game to date and one of the best JRPGs of all time.

5/5 stars

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