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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why I'd Never Buy a Nintendo Console As My Primary Gaming Device.

We all know Nintendo. They are known for their iconic characters such as Mario, Pikachu, Link, Kirby and Donkey Kong. Most importantly their strong first party games which feature pure unadulterated fun rather than cutting edge graphics and technology. 

Their games are fun, charming, colorful and have high quality control across the board.

Nintendo has seemingly become complacent where they feel like they don't have to try anything new or attract the wider audience who aren't familiar with their characters. 

Combined with their lack of or disregard for third party support, Nintendo has isolated a large portion of gamers. 

While i grew up with Nintendo around, I was never a super fan, I loved playing Mario but my favorite platform series and character was sonic the hedgehog, and I was more obsessed with everything Sonic,Square Enix and Final Fantasy related. To add variety Nintendo has a practice of making a game in almost every genre using their characters and intellectual property. 

A rough list includes:
Platformers: Mario, Donkey Kong
Shoot em up:Star Fox, Kid Icarus
Puzzle Platformer: Wario
Action Platformers: Kirby, Kid Icarus
Sports: Mario, Mario and Sonic
Racing: Mario Kart
Fighting: Super Smash Bros
RPG: Pokemon, XenoBlade, Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario
SRPG:Fire Emblem
Real time Strategy: Pikmin
Life Simulator: Animal Crossing
Shooters: Metroid, Splatoon, Kid Icarus
Action/Adventure: Zelda
Beat em Up: Zelda
Survival Horror: Luigis Mansion

While this is all fine I'd really like to see big multiplatform games like Final Fantasy XV, Witcher 3,Mortal Kombat X

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