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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

When will Blade and Soul release in North America?

The Martial Arts Based Korean MMORPG(quite a mouthful) Blade and Soul was highly anticipated for colourful, creative, asian themed world, and characters who are just oveflowing with style and flair.Jut look at these little guys!
The highlight of the game was its innovative martial arts based combat that mimicked the hack and slash style combo progression of console games where the actions excuted change dynamically as the combo progresses.

The game entered Korean Beta phase in 2011 and the game was released by 2012 and announced for Western localization. Since then it has been released in 3 other locations. 

The thing that happens when you delay the release of a finished game so long is that other developers who are more organised can simply release newer games based on better technology by the time NcSoft gets the crap together, such as Tera,Guild Wars 2,FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar.

One Prime Example is Black Desert. Black Desert; another Korean MMORPG entered Beta in 2013, released in 2014 in Korea, is planned to release in all other territories between 2015 and 2016 and negotiations are ongoing for ps4 developement.

This is what has happened to a particular Sony game called the Last Guardian. This game has been in developement for about ten years has has movedfrom  a 2012 ps3 release  to "To be announced ps4 release. The fans who have been waiting for it have burned out and looked elsewhere, losing the hype for the game.

Ncsoft announced yesterday that the game is planned for a Winter 2015 release.But! Is it too late? Have they failed to strike while the iron is hot?

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